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Penetration Testing


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Why choose Depth Security?

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We manually validate and verify each and every issue we discover. We will not have your team wasting countless hours sifting through a large report that is only partially accurate.

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We have performed thousands of penetration testing engagements for organizations over the past decade. Our constantly evolving methodology and experience-based approach provide results not commonly seen with other assessment firms.

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Our severity rating methodology is based on the context under which the issue was discovered. For example, we don’t rate anything “Critical” that we did not exploit. We also pay close attention to the circumstances for a given issue. All of these contexts and many more affect how a severity level is applied to a discovered issue.

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Meet Depth Security

Depth Security is a different type of information security company, founded by a small group of experienced information security engineers and are still run by the same team today. The company culture is deeply anchored in experience, creativity and talent. Unlike many competitors, the people of Depth Security have spent decades in the trenches of IT security, not 50,000 feet up in the clouds.

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A team with years of experience

We’ve been key players at some of the largest IT security organizations and led some of the best corporate information security teams for enterprise organizations. We not only designed next-level information security solutions, but we also built them and were responsible for the day to day in some of the most challenging environments. Most importantly, we’ve walked in our customer’s shoes and we understand.

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When you engage Depth Security as a trusted information security partner, you gain access to our full range of consulting services. We leverage our experience, knowledge, and contacts to make your business successful.