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Two technicians dressed in safety gear with noise cancelling earmuffs on kneeling while they work on a turbine

The manufacturing industry is one of the highest targeted sectors for cyber-attacks

Your company’s production line could be interrupted due to a cyber-attack or intellectual property theft, resulting in downtime and a loss of revenue or market share. This is why conducting regular penetration testing, a method used to evaluate and identify vulnerabilities in IT systems and networks, is crucial.

Two technicians dressed in safety gear with noise cancelling earmuffs on kneeling while they work on a turbine

Why penetration testing is critical in manufacturing

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Besides an organization’s own IT systems, manufacturing firms may also face attacks on connected systems, such as the ones provided by third-party suppliers and outsourced vendors. Hackers often exploit vulnerabilities in software and systems to compromise IT infrastructure of these parties and carry out further attacks.

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Manufacturing companies work with large volumes of confidential business and customer data that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This data includes proprietary designs and patents, customer data, financial information, and other important data that are at high risk of theft. Penetration testing seeks to identify any vulnerabilities, weaknesses or lapses in your data security measures and helps you implement the necessary measures to safeguard your information.

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Conducting regular penetration testing also ensures operational safety and sustainability. Since modern manufacturing involves automation and robotics, and often run on interconnected systems or the Internet of Things (IoT), these added complexities of software codes make them more vulnerable to attacks.

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Vulnerabilities that are left unaddressed by a manufacturing company can result in compliance failure and significant penalties.  By conducting regular penetration testing, manufacturing firms can demonstrate and prove regulatory compliance, while reducing the likelihood of a costly data breach.

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