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Active Directory Password Security Analysis

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Penetration Testing

Active Directory Password Security Analysis



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Weak passwords can be the chink in your armor that attackers are waiting to exploit. Don't wait for them to strike.

While organizations may believe that MFA can prevent breaches after user credentials are compromised, our experience shows weaknesses and gaps in MFA deployment still widely exist.

With our Active Directory Password Security Analysis service, you can gain valuable insights into environment-specific trends and effectively manage your credentials. Say goodbye to the tedious task of uncovering weak user passwords one-at-a-time, and instead, take a holistic approach by identifying all crackable passwords in your environment and implementing actionable changes to prevent them in the future.

Open metal racks containing various manufactured items

Our Services

Password-Cracking Hardware

We have invested extensive time and effort into our dedicated password-cracking hardware, including dictionaries, cracking rules, and conditions. This ensures that our capabilities surpass those of many threat actors and other firms.

Password Review

Get information-rich reports on your users’ password selection habits, in addition to tailored reports for executives, managers, and engineers. This way, you can effectively communicate the impact to all key stakeholders in your organization.

Identify Repeat Offenders

The service can identify users who are using easily predictable passwords, and locate repeat IT offenders who are responsible for building systems and are consistently using the same password (W3!come1) or following a repetitive format when creating accounts.

Flexible Methodology

The services are tailored to you, with the curation of custom, client-targeted seed words and flexible deliverables including full user/cracked password combos or simply known weak users.

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